GSPC strives to achieve excellence in every component of energy chain; be it exploration, production, transmission or generation. At GSPC, every success nurtures hope for the next higher feat. Every success consolidates faith in science. Every success provides impetus to diligence. Every success exemplifies the value of enterprise, management, technology and stakeholders.  And so, GSPC maintains its unflinching trust in the highest ideals of business- unparalleled enterprising spirit, effective management practices, modern technology and concern for its stakeholders. These ideals are the foundation of GSPC's success and in years to come, the foundation would only grow better and stronger towards building an energy secure society in perfect harmony with the society and industries.

GSPC plans to actively participate in the upstream hydrocarbon industry both within India and outside, both onshore and offshore.

It is an aggressive participant in the New Exploration Licensing Policy rounds of bidding.

GSPC proposes to effectively diversify into downstream petroleum projects including  handling and distribution of LNG and pursuing Coal Bed Methane projects.

GSPC is revamping its organizational set up for handling operatorship of more and more fields and blocks in the future.

It is also examining extending its operations outside the country with strategic alliances with overseas petroleum companies.

GSPC is also gearing itself to set up a databank on behalf of the state government and other private operators on the pattern of Director General Hydrocarbon, to facilitate dissemination of valuable technical data.